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Visitor Reminders, Policies and Procedures

Lunch:If you plan to send your child with a lunch or you are planning on dropping off your child's lunch, please be sure to avoid sending soft drinks.
Sign-in at the front desk:All visitors must sign in between the hours of 7:45 AM - 2:40 PM. If you are here to visit a classroom or meet with your child’s teacher. Please sign in as a Visitor, If you are volunteering, please sign as a Volunteer at the front office.
Wear a visitor sticker:A visitor sticker must be worn at all times while at Williams Elementary. I have instructed my staff to ask all visitors in the building without a visitor’s sticker to return to the front office to sign in and obtain a sticker.
Student Sign-In/Out:If your child arrives after 8:10 AM, please sign him/her in at the front desk. If you need to take your child out before dismissal at 2:40 PM, you will also need to sign him/her out at the front desk.
Front Office Etiquette:We will do our best to assist your needs, but please be sure to refrain from loud and/or telephone conversations while in the Front Office. If you come in to pick up your child, you may be asked for identification. We do this to ensure that our students are being released appropriately. If you send in someone to pick up your child and that person is not on your child's Emergency Contact list, you will be contacted for verification and a photo identification card will be required.
Early Check-Out:If it is necessary for a student to leave school early, please provide a note for your child to give to his/her teacher upon arrival to school. Parents/guardians should report to the office to initiate an early check-out. Please do not go directly to your child's room. Students will not be dismissed from the classroom without a request from the front office. Students may be checked out by a parent designee with prior verification. Be prepared to show your driver's license when checking out students.
Late Check-In:If your child arrives after 8:10 AM, the parent must sign the child in at the front office. The student will receive a late pass to deliver to the teacher. Please review the Attendance policies regarding excessive tardies.
Classroom Visits: We value every minute of instructional time with our students. Unless you have an appointment or are volunteering in the classroom as scheduled by the teacher, please do not enter your child's classroom. 
Driving on our campus or through our school streets:
When driving on our parking lot or driving though our streets next to the school during dismissal while talking on your cell phone presents a distraction and potential accident for our children. We've had a few close calls over the years because of distracted drivers. Please help us keep our children and staff safe by staying off your cell phone and being alert during the morning drop off time and after school dismissal.
Forgotten Items:Be sure to label your child’s garments with your child's name. It will be your child's responsibility or yours to pick up the item from the box of lost items. If your child is not aware that an item has been forgotten (e.g. his/her glasses, etc.), please inform our front desk staff so that they can advise your child's teacher. The item will be delivered to the classroom, or retrieved at a time deemed suitable by the teacher.